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Sony MCS8M MSC-8M HD/SD Video Audio Mixing Switcher

$ 3,410.00

Condition: 9+ Little to no sign of wear
Warranty: 1 year
Return: 14 days
Stock: C0636
Includes: mixer and power cable

Sony's new MCS8M is an audio-visual switcher with built-in audio mixer and frame synchronization. Easy to use, it has a number of present DME wipes, multi-viewer and an input freeze function on each source. Import still images via the in-built USB port. Six-channel audio mixer. AUX MIX. This is an ideal switcher for creating content and event programming, along with live production, house of worship presentations, on or off-campus school sports, corporate events, weddings, video conferencing and a whole lot more.

Extensive video support - The mixer has 4x HD-SDI inputs with embedded audio, 3x HDMI inputs and 1x DVI input. Other inputs include 1x DVI-D in high definition (HD) Mode (1920 x 1080 DVI resolution). In standard definition (SD) mode, the mixer has 4x SD-SDI inputs, 3x Composite inputs and 1x DVI-I input (analog only, up to 1280 x 1024 WXGA resolution) are available.

Multi-view - Ability to monitor all of your input sources using a single monitor connected by SDI and/or DVI-D to the switcher. Choose from either 4-screen or 10-screen layouts. A sub-screen with red frame shows live content.

Effects - Wipe (24 options), Mix, NAM (non-additive mix), Slide (8 options), Squeeze (11 options), Door (3D) (4 options), Frame In / Out (12 options), Flip Tumble (2 options), PinP (picture-in-picture), Mosaic, and Defocus 1Flip Tumble, PinP, Mosaic and Defocus only usable for BKGD transitions).

Input freeze - Freeze any input frame. Export to USB.

Note: The mixer can operate in two modes, Standard definition or High definition. You cannot feed SD and HD video sources at the same time.

Manual Volume I
Manual Volume II