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Solid ND Filter 77mm 0.6 (2-stop)

$ 141.50

The B+W Neutral Density 0.6 Filter reduces the amount of light passing through your lens by 2 stops--with no loss of color fidelity or sharpness.

Neutral Density filters makes it easy to achieve slow shutter speeds of one or more seconds to "blur" the motion of falling water, passing clouds, flying birds, busy people, or any other moving subject within your scene.

The video DSLR folks will love this filter, too. Use it wide open on a fast prime like the Canon 50mm f1.2 or 35mm f1.4 and you'll be able to keep the shallow depth of field without the worry of overexposing the shot.

The filter has a 77mm filter thread. We have a selection of step-down rings to support lenses with other filter thread sizes.