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Short Throw 3000 Lumen Full HD Projector

$ 854.50

The Optoma EH200ST Short Throw Full HD projector rental features a short throw, which is perfect when you need to project a big image in a small space.

Frequently rented for

Rear projector screen use. Weddings. Parties. Conferences. Interactive video installations. Any application where space is limited.


High definition resolution up to 1920x1080 with 3000 lumens of brightness. 20000:1 contrast. 0.49 fixed lens. 5.8 pounds. 16:9 Native aspect ratio, 4:3 compatible.


Supports 2x HDMI inputs and audio-out.

Easily connects to most PC or Mac computers with the included Video cable and adapters. HDMI capability (cable rented separately) connects you to your favorite DVD or Game console. Small built-in speaker provides audio similar to laptop speakers.

Projector screen compatibility

You can use a Projector screen, a white wall or even a sheet to show your projected image. Since this short throw projector rental does not have a zoom lens, the size of the projected image depends on the distance you place the projector to the screen. We've included a list of rental Projector screens and some compatibility notes.

80-inch Projector screen rental - Distance of 3' to the screen, use in medium to low ambient light

100-inch Projector screen rental - Distance of 4' to the screen, use in low to no ambient light only

120-inch Projector screen rental - Distance of 5' to the screen, use in very low to no ambient light only

Other screen size? - use this calculator to figure out if the projector will fit in your space.

We recommend the use of a table or our Projector stand rental to maintain the correct height when setting up the projector.

Hawaii Camera is the top reviewed company on Oahu for LCD Projector rental services to individuals and businesses.