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OSEE HD Directors Monitor - 15"

$ 1,430.50

The OSEE 15.6" HD Monitor is a portable and rugged monitoring solution for field work and production.

Features 1920x1080 resolution 10-bit IPS Backlit LCD panel with HDMI, SDI, HD-SDI, DVI-D, HDSDI + Composite inputs and 178 degree view angle.

Our Monitor comes standard with a hard case that quickly breaks apart leaving only the monitor and the surrounding case frame for protection.

An included magnetic hood helps fight glare in bright situations, and folds up inside the case during transport.

The case has adjustable angle feet that allow the monitor to tilt up when placed on a flat surface for easier viewing.

Anton Bauer gold mount batteries may be used on the monitor as well, making it an ultimate, affordable option for remote production.