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Marshall HDMI/SDI Monitor - 5.6"

$ 1,044.50

The Marshall Electronics V-LCD56MD 5.6" HDMI Monitor with 3G SDI Input Module is a 1280 x 800 high-resolution camera-top panel, equipped with IPS technology and an adjustable LED backlight, featuring 300 nit brightness, a 500:1 contrast, an icon-driven operating system, and advanced versions of many familiar features, (and a not-so-familiar feature: DSLR Ratio Adjustment).

Include a Sunshade for use outdoors.

Uses Canon LP-E6-style batteries. One battery is included in the rental package. Each battery provides up to 2 hours of continuous use. Additional batteries can be rented here.


Modular 3G SDI input & loop-thru
HDMI input & loop-thru
Stereo headphone out
Micro USB port