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Kino Flo 4 foot 4Bank 2-Light Gaffer Kit #C0714

$ 1,350.00

The Kino Flo Gaffer Select 4 Bank 2 Light Kit have changed the way professionals light everything from feature films to television productions to video and still photography. The 4Bank is similar to a 1,000 Watt soft-light, but uses 1/10th the power. Color temperature doesn't shift when the light levels change. Lamps are long lived and operate outside the fixture. The fixtures are lightweight enough to tape to a wall.

EXCELLENT - This item is rated in Excellent condition. That means that this item is between 90-96% of original condition. This item shows little to no cosmetic blemishes and is tested as fully operational. This item includes all that is imaged in this listing and nothing else. The images are of the actual item for sale.


2x Four foot 4bank light fixtures
2x 4bank ballasts
2x 25' extension cables
2x Mounts for light stands
2x Lamp cases
1x One rolling kit shipping case
1x Set of Daylight bulbs
1x Set of Tungsten bulbs

Stock Number: C0714

Fully Inspected, Tested and Cleaned by our Technicians.

Works Properly.

6 Months Warranty against manufacturer defects included; warranty does not cover drops, spills, moisture or impact damage.

Item pictured is the actual item for sale.