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HIVE Wasp Plasma Par Kit - AC/DC

$ 3,182.50

This HIVE Lighting Wasp Par kit fixture features the output of a 575 watt HMI with nearly twice the efficiency with a 276 watt power draw. F4 at 100ft (ISO 400)

Daylight balanced with variable color temperature between 4600K – 7000K + a moonlight effect. No green or magenta shift as with LED fixtures.

Super versatile, use PAR lenses, Leko Spots, or fit any 4 or 8 point soft box (such as Profoto), photo umbrellas, glass lenses or Hive's HDP lenses.

Flicker free to 225 million frames per second (not a misprint), high CRI of >94%.

The housing is rated IP65 and the bulb is rated for 10,000 hours while maintaining consistent temperature and output throughout.