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Hasselblad 28mm f/4.0

$ 4,227.50

The Hasselblad HCD 28mm f/4.0 Ultra-Wide Angle Lens is the widest all round, wide-angle lens in the H System.

This lens features advanced optical design with rear focus mechanism. It has many applications including and landscape, architecture and photojournalism.

It must be noted that this special lens is designed specifically for the H3D, HD4 and the H2F camera models and is for digital use only.

Note! This lens is not compatible with the film magazine HM 16-32, the film magazine HMi 100 or the Converter H1.7x

This means that the lens is designed for a format of 37 x 49mm and does not cover the film format (41.5 x 56mm). The function is therefore disabled when using a film magazine.

All HCD lenses have electronic shutter mechanisms and feature Multi Coating for efficient stray light elimination, an integral focus drive motor, and instant access to manual focus without switching between manual and auto focus.

The HCD lenses use metal, not plastic, wherever possible, in order to ensure their reliability and durability year after year.

In addition, the special optical design of the lenses provides a uniquely soft, smooth quality to the blurred or out-of-focus areas of the image.

All lenses use threaded filters and include lens shade and bayonet mount and can be reverse mounted for transport.