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Hawaii Camera

Flashpoint 1x1 Bi-Color LED Panel

$ 331.50

Rent a 1x1 Bi-Color Panel with V-lock battery plate. Bi-Color means that you can adjust the color of the light between Tungsten lighting and Daylight. LED technology is great because it draws low power and has very little heat compared to traditional Video lights.

Rental includes: Flashpoint CL-1300B LED Panel,  V-lock battery plate, Stand Mounting Yoke, AC Power Supply, Power Cord, Light Panel Diffuser and a Carrying Case.

You can power this LED panel without AC power by using any V-lock battery, such as those found here. This LED panel draws 73 watts at full brightness at 4400k color temp, or 38 watts when set to full brightness at 3200k or 5600k color temp.


1296 LED lamps in 1X1' array
Flicker free Bi-Color variable between 3200k - 5600k, 3200k or 5600k.
120V AC or DC V-Mount battery power sources.
60 degree light angle emission.
Lightweight at 7 pounds with durable ABS construction.
Linking of up to 4 units symmetrically through RJ45 cable.
CRI >85%