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Carbon Fiber Tripod with Head

$ 236.50

The Velbon 530 is an extremely light, yet very sturdy tripod for rent.

Supports 8 pounds, which makes it perfect for a camera body and a wide angle lens or telephoto lens like a 70-200, 80-400 or 100-400mm.

Longer lenses, such as a 400mm f2.8, require a heavy duty tripod or monopod.

Constructed with rigid Carbon Fiber legs, and a superior, durable Magnesium Body. Carbon fiber and magnesium materials are 1/3 Lighter than aluminum. This durable and versatile tripod has Low-Angle and Semi Low-Angle Positions with a Split Center Column, as well as scratch resistant Neoprene Grips and Rubber Feet. The effortless Lever Lock System enables extending or contracting the legs at any position even in cold weather.