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Canon XF100 Camcorder

$ 3,300.00

The Canon XF-100 is a professional-grade High Definition camcorder outfitted with a 10x lens configured with image stabilization and records to high speed (66MB/s or faster) Compactflash (CF) cards.

The included extended life battery lasts about three hours on a full charge. An articulating screen makes it easy to shoot overhead and low to the ground. The highest quality mode requires 16GB of storage for 40 minutes of footage. Rent additional batteries here.

The XF-100 requires the use of UDMA 66MB/second or faster CF cards. View all CF cards we rent.

It offers an effective 30mm to 300mm effective zoom range, high quality MPEG2 4:2:2 50Mbps codec, 4:2:2 Color Sampling and 60p/60i, 30p & 24p frame rates on an industry-standard MXF file format.

This camcorder also offers full featured professional audio recording capabilities, with two XLR inputs, the ability to pad the audio along with headphone monitoring and a ton of additional audio controls for professional audio. The camcorder will work great with our shotgun mic and Sennheiser wireless microphone.