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Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Location Kit-old

$ 3,564.87

The Profoto B1 is a revolutionary flash system which incorporates TTL technology compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras. As of December 2014 supports High speed sync for most Canon and Nikon TTL-capable camera systems and Profoto TTL remote. Use any camera on full manual mode with PC sync, optical trigger and standard Profoto Air Remotes. A rechargeable battery provides up to 220 full power flashes at 500 watt seconds. The Profoto B1 is capable of firing off up to 20 frames per second at lower power. Recycle to full power in under 2 seconds. Built-in Profoto Air Remote functionality, but you can also use third-party wireless systems such as Pocketwizards using a sync port on the bottom of the B1.

The Profoto B1 Location kit comes with two B1 flashes, 2 fully charged batteries, a 1-hour battery charger, battery charger for the car and a backpack to hold it all.

Just add a Profoto TTL remote or Air Remote and you're all set!