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AquaTech AxisGO Water Housing for iPhone 7 or 8 Package

$ 189.50

Capture photos and video with your iPhone 7 or 8 in the rain, on your boat, or 33' below the surface via the seashell white AxisGO Water Housing from AquaTech. Benefit from full touchscreen access through the hard-coated polycarbonate, allowing you to record beautiful images of the natural world and share them instantly with your favorite iOS apps. Additionally, the housing accepts several interchangeable ports with optical glass elements and special coatings, which protect your lens and help to enhance your view of the underwater realm. A standard port is included, and wide-angle and over/under ports are optional.

The housing is designed for the iPhone 7 or 8, but it is also compatible with the iPhone 6. However, you will be limited to the standard lens port when using this model, due to the placement of the lens on the phone.

In addition to touchscreen functionality, the housing provides the ability to make and receive phone calls. An ergonomic hand grip on the right side facilitates a secure, comfortable hold on the AxisGO, while an optional pistol grip gives you the ability to capture blur-free images with ease--using only one hand.


Construction Details
  • Depth rating: 33'
  • Made primarily from hard-coated, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate
  • Features aluminum and stainless steel parts
Controls and Handling
  • Shoot with rear- and front-facing cameras
  • Make and receive calls, speaking and hearing with great clarity, and adjust volume with 2 controls
  • Housing allows for full touchscreen access, so you can swipe, tap, pinch, and zoom with ease
  • Ergonomic hand grip doubles as a single-button locking mechanism
Lens Port System
  • Accepts interchangeable lens ports with optical glass elements
  • Anti-reflection and hydrophobic coatings improve visibility
  • Standard port with 67mm filter threads is included
  • Optional wide-angle and over/under dome ports restore a more expansive field of view to allow you to fit more in the frame, thus counteracting the reduction in coverage that occurs underwater
  • Over/under port is designed for shots where half of the frame is above the water's surface and the other half is below it
  • Designed for the iPhone 7 or 8
  • Will accommodate iPhone 6, as well, though you will only be able to use the standard lens port with this model