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7.5KW Honda Generator + 120V/60A Distro Kit

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Hawaii Camera's 7.5KW Generator Rental package delivers 60 amps of 120V output with a single modified Honda EU7000is inverter generator which includes a step-down transformer, distribution box and stingers.

Power your Set Lights without emptying your wallet.

You would use this generator rental package to create power for and distribute to a large light or set of lights, such as up to a 12K HMI or a combination of lights such as 4K HMI, Tungstens, Kino flo's and LED panels.

Why Hawaii Camera's Generator Package?

Our generator package allows the combined output of two specially modified gas-powered generators to power a lighting package typically requiring an expensive and loud diesel generator parked far away from the set. Our solution can save you hundreds of dollars a day over a renting a dedicated truck, driver, diesel generator and a trained electrician to operate.

What are the components?

Our Rental Generator Package includes the following.

1 x Honda EU7000is Modified inverter generators
1 x 84A Full Power Transformer/Distro with Primary voltage selector switch, volt meter and sled
1 x 50' 250V 100A Bates Extension cable
1 x 50' 4/3 100A Bates Extension cable
1 x 100A/120V Siamese (M-FF)
1 x 100A Gang Box (100A Stage pin to (3) Duplex (5) 20A Circuit)

The paralleling control box connects both generators with a variable rheostat to balance the generator output and provide a single 100A/240V Bates output to the Transformer.

The transformer has a hardwired breakout box consisting of (3) single L5-20 Edison receptacles on (3) 20A circuits. Ability to choose your primary voltage to accommodate line loss inevitable with longer cable runs. Includes voltage meter.

Also included is a basic 120V distribution system to extend the power beyond the transformer/distro box.

For more information about our generator rental packages, please contact us by email Hawaii Camera is the top production rental company for individuals and companies on a budget. We care about your success!