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2500 Lumen DVD Projector

$ 1,139.50

The Epson DVD Projector Rental is ideal when you have a DVD movie or slideshow and want to project the video on a screen or wall.

Frequently rented for

Slideshows. Demonstrations. Movie Night. Watching DVD disks without a computer.


2500 ANSI lumens. Built-in DVD player, 3LCD technology with 3000:1 contrast, maximum resolution of 1280x800, two 10 W speakers, and microphone/headphone support. 1:20:1 zoom lens. Native 4:3 aspect ratio.


1 x HDMI input, microphone, headphone inputs. Included are a number of cables to help connect a PC or Mac laptop to the Projector.


Built-in dual speakers provides reasonably loud audio output for voice applications. A bit louder than most laptop speakers. If you need something louder or have heavy music, consider renting one of our PA systems.

Projected image sizes range from 33 inches to 318 inches (2.75' – 26.5'). You'll need about 9 feet between the projector and 80-inch screen. Use this calculator to figure out if the projector will fit in your space.

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